We are forming a monastic community on an island or plot of land in the Fredericksburg/Spotsylvania/Caroline area and also a communal farming community. We plan to eventually be completely off-grid an self-sufficient.

Until then I am running my Christian church out of Four Winds Resort in Rappahannock Academy Virginia. I bought a two room cabin in a resort/campground that is setup to be like off-grid living with the local power grid and community well water supplied for a yearly fee. I am living in and converting the cabin into an "OLD COUNTRY CHURCH" and a community counseling center. I will have a rectory office and a five pew worship hall to start and we will see what type of response we get and go from there.

We will be a non-denominational Christian orthodox church and we will preach the Word of God as written. We adhere to the Nicene Creed, believe in the Trinity, the resurrection, and The one true God and son Jesus Christ with the Father and Holy Spirit they are One.