Hello beloved this is Reverend Brancolini. I have started a legal state chartered non-denominational church and founded a 501c non-profit ministry corporation to rescue animals as well as souls here in my home town of Fredericksburg, Virginia. Please contact me at rector@gracecommunitychurch.today or by telephone at 540-220-6291.

We also recently decided to join with two local families and start a monastic order and communal farming community on an island in the Rappahannock River we have named "Harmony Island". We will be documenting everything from our initial river crossing to the building of our fist log cabin and there on. Look for our YouTube channel under Harmony Island Monks. God bless and we love you all so come visit us please.

May God our Father and Christ Jesus our Lord grant you grace, mercy, and peace.

God Bless,

Rev. Michael Dean Brancolini